To My Hypothetical Readers

I have so many ideas!

But they are all stuck.

Stuck behind my nine-to-five job.

Stuck behind commuting and groceries.

Stuck behind doing laundry, exercising and socializing.

Stuck behind hours of Real Housewives and the Bachelor.

Stuck behind long distances relationships, and weekends spent flying to see family that’s six hours away, or a boyfriend whose one point five.

Stuck behind sleeping.

On a recent six-hour flight, I watched Julie & Julia. The based-on-a-true-story movie stars Amy Adams as Julie, a struggling writer desperately needing a self-promoting project. 

Naturally, she decides to write a blog. Through daily posts, she takes her readers on an emotional rollercoaster of devastation (killing lobster) and disappointment (flopping soufflé).

By the end of the two-hour romcom, both Julie and her life are transformed.

The lesson? Writing a blog holds you accountable to your goals.

Lobstercide, schmobstercide. I can’t be deterred. My hypothetical readers are counting on me!

I need a self-promoting propelling project.

Propelling, not promoting. Because unlike Julie, my intention is not to prove my self worth as an unmarried, childless woman working as a writer in a city (which I also happen to be). This project is to propel me forward by holding me accountable to my ideas—and goals.

So here goes nothing!

Stuck, schmuck. I can’t be deterred. My hypothetical readers are counting on me!

Let Me Out I’m Stuck.