Start by Giving a Fuck

*This post includes adult language.

My boss recommended the book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson

I’ve been giving too many fucks. And thus, nothing has gotten done.

Today’s post is dedicated to page 160 of the book: The “Do Something Principle.”

Action > Inspiration > Motivation.

The hardest part is getting to the gym.

The hardest part is getting to the page. But then once you’re there here, you might as well do a couple crunches write a couple paragraphs.

So here I am! Full disclosure: the reason I am here is because last week I made a commitment to writing every Thursday. I couldn’t let myself down the second week in—even if I am tired and seemingly uninspired. I am here, on the page. Because only by being here (consistently) will anything get done.

Fuck. Writing a book is hard.

Not if you are Caitlin Jenner or Ivanka Trump. Let’s assume for a second they actually did their own writing. Bitches with no day jobs have the luxury of a daily routine focused around writing. Ok, second’s up.  They more likely had a team of writers and editors helping to organize and transcribe 300 pages worth of personal anecdotes and life lessons.

Me? I’m a team of one with a full-time job that absorbs hours of productivity.

But even if I manage to write this book (it’s called Let Me Out I’m Stuck), who is going to read it? And more important [to publishers], who is going to buy it?

I’m not a former Olympian, now transgender “activist” for the LGTB community with a permanent residence on reality TV because my stepdaughters excel at selfies (both action and still). And my father isn’t Donald Trump.

I exist on social media to know when people’s birthdays are and to post my resume (for my corporate jobs). I rarely participate in the new feeds’ conversation. Of all the fucks I give each day, I definitely don’t give any fucks to posting pictures of my food before I eat it or pictures of me where I know I look so cute just to have people tell me how cute I look. I’m not even on Instagram or Twitter.

Right now, I don’t come with a platform of millions, or even thousands. If each of my Facebook “friends” and LinkedIn connections bought my book, I’d sell about 1,000 copies.

And that is fucking terrifying. It is terrifying to the point of paralysis.

But a ridiculous, terrifying dream does not imply an impossible one, only one that I will have to work hard to achieve.

So here goes nothing! Good thing I have this accountability blog.

Hypothetical readers, are you still there?



 ªMark Manson propelled his career with a blog. He now has over two million readers and a published book.





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